Large Private Bank With 7500+ Users Improves Efficiency Using Time-spent Analysis

One of the large private banks with a nation-wide operations, having over 7500 users, benefits from TrakZo’s Time-spent Analysis feature. TrakZo improves the workplace efficiency for a leading private bank, with automatic attendance logs, work-time logged-in, time-spent on work applications as well as phone usage for over 1750 teams with a seamless integration.

The solution offered by TrakZo:

Time-Spent, Work-Place-Efficiency Reports:

For a large private bank that has multiple teams managed locally by different team leaders, each needs a surveillance for their team members’ work output. TrakZo has, with a single-click, enabled remote deployment rollout of a time-spent analysis software. Team leaders get to see efficiency reports by time spent, with flexibility for users to notify personal time & phone time and consolidated reports roll up automatically as per reporting rules.

Single-click, Remote Install: The pressures of the pandemic induced work-from-home routine as well as difficulties in rolling out new software deployments are mitigated by an easy single click install. Organizational reporting structures of over 1750 teams have been seamlessly integrated, with automatic attendance logging and with over 1250 different work profiles for the 7500+ users of the workplace efficiency tracking.

Standard Reports, Team & Consolidated Views: Team leaders get to see data at their team level and this rolls up to managers for multiple teams and then to departments and then to the bank at a consolidated, enterprise level.

Client Says:

“For a large user-base of over 7500, the installation process was marvellously smooth and individual team leaders quickly get to view their auto-generated team efficiency reports”

TrakZo allows easy remote software rollout, quick auto-generated reports, team-level views & consolidated department & enterprise level views, for work-place efficiency tracking

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